Thirty Four percent open-ended contracts, increased by 116% working relationships concerned (INPS data July 2017): you can still get a favorable loan with an expiration date on your occupation?

Until a few years ago there were more opportunities, today things have changed and it is important to evaluate well some aspects so as not to waste time and get quickly to the best possible loan opportunity.

We remove the field from any doubt. With a fixed-term contract, being able to get a loan is not easy: credit and financial institutions grant money more easily to workers with permanent contracts, whether they are public employees or private employees.

Do you belong to one of these categories?

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How to request a loan

How to apply for a loan, hoping for a positive response if you have a, a, an apprenticeship or a temporary employment contract?

The first way to get a loan with a fixed-term contract is to be able to count on the guarantee of a guarantor, an instrument that protects who grants the loan in the event that the beneficiary of the loan has difficulty in paying the amount of the installments. In this case, therefore, the parties involved are three: who grants the loan, who gets money and a third person who ensures this operation by personally guaranteeing.

Is it therefore impossible to obtain a single signature loan (your own) with a fixed-term contract? The presence of a guarantor may not be necessary if another situation occurs. Which? In case the transformation of the fixed-term contract to a permanent contract takes place for a worker hired for at least six months.

Amounts and installments of the loan

How much will the loan amount be in these cases? How many installments can be made? How are the rates of interest? Is it possible to change the duration of the loan after a certain period? These are all important aspects of a loan on which it is good to have all the information in a clear and precise manner.

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