The company Creditic is a financial entity, responsible for granting lines of credit and loans. The client can, through the Credite Simulator, make a query on the company’s website and know immediately how much he will pay for what he asks for just by using the Creditic Simulator.

The credits are granted fast, to be approved in a time that is considered records, which is estimated at 15 minutes and these can be granted from a minimum amount of 500 Euros to a maximum amount of 5000 Euros.

When using the Creditic Simulador you must indicate how much you want to borrow from the entity and how long you want to pay it, so that this calculator quickly shows an amount, which includes interest and principal that you must cancel monthly.

Creditic has known favorable opinions, because the financing is granted with very flexible loans, which are obtained quickly, with very competitive interests since they are low and free of commissions, because no commission is charged for opening, nor for expenses of management, or early cancellation.

Creditic Simulador: information and use

The simulator in Creditic fulfills an important function, since with the use of this calculator the client can know immediately, depending on the amount he needs, how much he will cancel monthly in each installment, without needing to go to the offices of the entity or to a bank, the process is done online, in which you get an easy and fast simulation.

To know what function the Creditic Simulator performs, you must know how to request your credit line:

  1. In less than 1 minute through the Creditic Simulador you indicate the amount you want to request in the tab How much money do you need? Rolling the cursor to the amount you want.
  2. Immediately, the Simulator tells you how much you should pay monthly for your loan or line of credit.
  3. Complete the application by clicking on “request it now” you must review the requirements to apply for a loan, such as having an age between 18 and 70 years, indicate your ID, indicate the monthly fixed income and not be included in the lists of delinquency (Financial Credit Institutions)
  4. If this is your first visit, you must indicate your DNI and your mobile phone number, where a pin will be sent after completing the application. Verify that it is correct since you will not be able to change your mobile phone number.
  5. When the credit is approved, the amount can be transferred in a matter of 15 minutes to your virtual bank account.

In case you need to request a loan or loan of € 1000, you must first access the simulator and move the cursor to the amount you need in the tab that says: How much money do you need?, then the monthly fee that you must cancel appears and the one that corresponds to that amount is 38.54 € * if it suits you click on “Request it now” or call our telephone number to have better advice.

In some cases Creditic accepts Financial Credit Institutions for the loans or credits of people who have had problems canceling bank loans when these debts exceed 150 Euros.